Weight Loss and Healthy Choices.

Most people know I get pretty heated when people approach me about wanting to lose weight but want to short cut the process.   So through the process of trial and error, life experience, and my chiropractic education I have found three or four possible winners for fast effective weight loss that are healthy and get results.  I will list them from easiest to hardest because most of you reading this are incapable of doing a master cleanse which is by far the most extreme but has the greatest results.  My #1 easiest way is Isagenix.  I have talked to a number of people and have been following the results of a few former professional baseball players that like me retired, got fat,  and said, “I can live like this”, and did something about it.  If you follow me on Facebook they are Jody Gerut and Alvie Shepherd.  Two different stories with amazing results.  Jody is a really smart and intelligent man.   Jody is a skeptic and thinks things through, researches and picks things apart before he does anything.  I love his baseball knowledge.  He is a Stanford Graduate and we played against each other in the Carolina League.   Alvie I don’t know personally other than we have the same last name and people would ask me if he was my younger brother.  We are of no relation.  He was over 300 lbs and has to be 6’6″.  Jody said he followed the step by step program about 70% of the time and received some pretty noticeable results.  Then he followed the plan seriously and the results were even better.  He lost over 30 pounds and did not work out at all.  Alive lost over 70 pounds and is a work out machine and probably looks better than when he was playing.  I’m impressed on how lean a ripped he is.  People make excuses like, “Well when you hit 40 everything changes.” Obviously someone forgot to tell these guys this or they know that that line of reasoning is pure bullshit just like the stuff you keep shoveling into your face.  I approached Jody about joining his Isagenix Team.  This is my disclaimer.  I am not a current Isagenix Distributor and profit nothing from writing this article other than to provide information to be used by you if you choose to do so.  You can find your own friend or go through Jody or Alvie.  I really do not care.  What I do care about is that if you are overweight or obese your body is a ticking time bomb.   Obesity is a slow suicide.  You are killing yourself and do not even realize it.  I care that you fatigue out when playing with your kids or friends and are choosing to pass on life’s experiences because they have become laborious and difficult.  I care because some of your bodies will start to break and you will have to come see me out another doctor because of back pain, knee pain and even gut disorders.  I care because all of the health professionals you seek out with say them same thing about the obesity issue in your life.  I will adjust you to get your nervous system working optimally.  You will not follow my directions and not get better and blame me for not getting better or out of pain. I care because you will never address the real issue of the cause of your pain.   I see and hear of a lot of people talking about not having energy and are always tired.  I’m 44 and I have a pretty easy job right now.  I work out twice a day three days a week and have two other light cardio-ab days.  I give hitting lessons on top of working and working out.  While I’m awake I have tons of energy.  Exercise increases testosterone naturally so that is a main reason I work out hard.  I want to look and feel like a man. The Isagenix Program is not 100% all natural but the quality of the products are high.  There are bars and shakes , but most importantly a system that is simple to follow and if followed then the results are always the same.  The results are successful ones.  Everyone loses weight. Some more than others and results do vary but the results are impressive.  #2  Watch Sick Fat and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross then do a 10 to 60 day juice fast.  In your head you just said, “Dr. Shepard!  Are you F*&^*@g out of your mind!”  Drink only juice for 10 to 60 days?  Yes,  follow the plan exactly and use the supervision of a doctor.  This juice fast provides your body with macro nutrients which is exactly what your body needs to detoxify, scrub the vascular system, heal the stomach, large and small intestine and colon.   I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of macro nutrients.  This is what your body is craving and when you deliver it then your body requires less food.  If you are 30 to 150 lbs over weight you have enough stored energy on your body to run three or four marathons and barely put a dent in your fat.  The big keep to how your machine of  body works is that when your body does not get the proper requirements from the food you eat there is a chemical response that says, “I’m not satisfied and please eat more.”  When you get this in the form of high dense juice with macro nutrients then you body says, “Thank you I am full.”   I can sit down at McDonald and eat 4 double cheese burgers and still be starving.  I drink one glass of 16 ounces of pure vegetable and fruit juice and I’m full.  Try it yourself.  I have done ten day reboots many times over the last three years while attending Palmer West.  I always felt alert and energized.  My workouts were still great and overall I felt great and I lost pure fat.  Is it easy to drink juice for 10 days?  It is only hard if you make it hard.  Make plenty of juice and when ever you feel hungry it is right there to drink.  If you prepare yourself to succeed then a ten day reboot is easy.  Now 30-60 days is really easy.  After a few weeks of juicing it becomes a habit and just a part of your day.  By now you have a plan and the plan is working.  After 30 days of juicing you will feel amazing and have probably lost 30 to 50 lbs.   If you have high blood pressure it will have probably normalized.  Adult onset Diabetes is probably almost gone or at least in check to where you are not taking as much insulin as before.   You can see your feet again and from day one you should be walking an hour a day.  Walking and exercise help the body detoxify and the jarring of your fat body help with elimination.  And by now you are not taking as many craps because almost everything that you put in your system is being used up and you are urinating most of your waste now.  If you can make it to 60 days then you really needed to do this.  Weight lose could be anywhere from 70 to 120 lbs.  The more you exercise and the harder the intensity the better the results.  Your skin will tighten up over time.  It’s safe because you are not depriving yourself of nutrients.   When you finish this plan do not eat a steak.  Your body will not like you.  Start out with raw fruits and vegetables.  Salads are great and if you want to add meat to it use about a 1/2 cup.  Raw soups are good too.  Remember your body has not have anything processed for 10 to 60 days.  Coffee will taste amazing, but you will be bouncing off the walls.   Over the process you will probably notice your joints and muscles do not hurt anymore.  This is an anti-inflammatory diet.  If you have skin problems like eczema or psoriasis, these condition depending on the severity may have cleared up.  My psoriasis did.  The three big keys to a reboot are pure water, juice, and exercise.


I have done the master cleanse 4 times in the last 3 years.  I do a combination of a master and reboot now.  I master cleanse for 7 days and reboot for 7 days.  I do not need to do long period now because my body is running pretty clean these days.  Unless I eat some taternachos, which is a tater-tots nacho, terribly tasty.   A true master cleanse can last 10 to 20 days.  In the Master Cleanse you will only consume three things.  The sea salt solution in the morning, the mixture, and lots of water and that is it.  No coffee or other juice.  If needed for the first few days you can drink smooth move tea before bedtime.  I went 17 one time and had to stop because my muscles started to feel mushy.  I was probably not consuming enough juice at the end.  I did feel amazing and my body was clean.  The first time I did a master cleanse I was aware that it could be extremely difficult.  I had come to a place in my life where when I say, “I am going to do that.”  I do it.  I start it and I finish it.  So I read the protocol knew exactly what was going to happen and I still did it.  It was painful.  At one point my mother was screaming at me to stop.  She though I was dying.  I felt like I was dying sometimes but I didn’t.  My body had only been cleansed one time in its 37 year existence at the time.  I was toxic.  I was about 232 lbs with little energy and difficulty focusing.  I was in brain fog most of the day.  So I Master Cleansed for 10 days and lost 19 lbs.  I couldn’t believe how clear my head was.   My sinuses had drained out and I could hear better too.  I was amazed on how lean I looked too.  This is a real serious detox program.  Cleans the liver, gallbladder, Blood stream and vascular system, the brain, lymph system, kidneys, and GI tract.  If you want the protocol I will send you a PDF of it via email.  Email you request to greg@baseballchiro.com .  The Master Cleanse says not to engage in heavy exercise.  I say always exercise because exercise speeds up the detox process.  Sweating removes toxins.  The big keys to the Master Cleanse are drink lots of pure water to flush your system.  Every morning begins with a Sea Salt Flush so do not skip this step.  Prepare a days worth of cleanser and use fresh lemons and pure Grade A maple syrup.  If you can stand hot then use more cayenne pepper than required.  Cayenne is a vasodilator and will allow more waste to enter the blood stream and be removed from the body quicker.  WARNING! What ever you drink comes out of your ass in the morning.  So lots of Cayenne can be a little discomforting.   I know you are saying where is the protein?  I’m going to lose muscle it I do this.  Yes you may lose a little muscle, but you are going to burn through your fat storage first and final to your muscle second.  If you are overweight or obese losing muscle should never be a concern.  You probably are not using them anyways.  The brain runs on sugar and the Pure Maple syrup is packed with sugar and minerals.  The lemons alkalize your system and is a natural cleanser along with all the water you will be drinking.

Master Cleanse and a Reboot can be quick fixes too.  If you are on a dead line and need to drop a few pounds to get into that wedding dress or tux.  A 7-10  day cleanse will drop 10 pounds easily.

#4 Complete Lifestyle Change

Stop what you currently do and do the exact opposite.  Put down the fast food and plan your meals out ahead of time.  If its processed then do not put it in your mouth.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  But Greg, I don’t like them.  Tough Shit!  You don’t like being fat and out of shape either.  The results of a sedentary, high fat, high carbohydrate lifestyle equation is your current situation, sick fat and nearly dead.  Replace the bad habits with good ones and become a slave to your good habits.  This is an ancient success principle.  If you smoke quite and replace it with a positive habit like walking or hiking.  Get off your ass and experience this great world.  Explore your neighborhood.  Do something different like getting out of the house.  Unplug your TV!  Yeah I said it.  That is some radical thinking.  That TV costs you more that you can afford.  By sitting in front of it you are wasting your life away watching someone else live their dream.  Again get off your ass and go live your own dream.  If you have kids get them involved.  Put down the smart phones and iPads and connect with each other with human interaction and no, text messaging does not count as interaction.  Start a journal and track what you do.  If you watch 20 hours of TV per week think what you could do with 20 additional hours in your schedule?  Get into shape?  Yes it would require about 6 of those hours a week to get into really good shape.  Then about 4 to maintain it.  14 hours left!  Start cooking for yourself.  I find it enjoyable.  I was really never a cook.  I started watching videos on various dishes and found it rather stimulating to prepare my own meals.  I am not currently doing a lot of my own cooking now since I’m back home for a short stint but on my own I cooked daily.  If you have a family then this could be a great time to spend together.  It could be fun.  You would have to become creative.  Challenge yourself.  It’s all in the mindset.  With all this extra time you could become romantic and even do some little things for your lover.  If you have been neglecting her or him they may be looking for an out.  Giving them a little more attention may be just what your relationship needs.  I was with this incredibly gorgeous woman and I was 240 lbs.  One day she says I can’t be with a fat guy.  I am in great shape and I expect a soon to be doctor to look good too, not only for the patients but for me.  You know what?  She was right.  So I lost 30 lbs and got into amazing shape while she was gone for four weeks.  It gave us a little extra spark.  She was proud to be seen with me.  Just like I was to be the envy of others to be seen with her.  Bottom line is total lifestyle change is hard.  New habits have to be created and the subconscious mind is constantly sabotaging your efforts.  This is by far the most rewarding and expensive method.  It requires one to empty out the fridge and throw out all the garbage in the pantry.  Then restock with healthy food that requires more trips to the store every week because it spoils faster.  Buy some new shoes, workout clothes and a gym membership.  But if you cancelled the cable you could afford all that stuff.  You will have sore muscles for weeks and have extra laundry.  You may get hit on at the gym.  That may be a positive or a negative.  Its all perspective from here on out.  When you start fueling your body differently then you will have more energy and your organs will start working better.  You will become regular. You may prevent cancer.  You will lose weight and get results and feel good.  That would be due to the endorphins your body produces when you exercise.  If you are a man then vigorous exercise will increase your testosterone and your libido will increase along with lean muscle mass.  Winning!  That’s about all I have to say about Total Lifestyle Change.

The Cost


The easiest is the most expensive.  Cost  is $450-600 for a month.  This is an estimate.  It’s easy and it works.  Just follow the step by step plan and do not vary from it and the results will come.  If you cheat on it then you cheat your results.  You are a cheater.  You should look at that aspect of your life and ask where else in my live do I cheat and not get the results I want?  If you start it and do not finish it then you are a quitter. You need to have that same conversation only deal with your quitting nature.

Juice Cleanse Reboot

Kale, Spinach, Cucumbers, Granny Smith Apples, Lemons, Celery, Ginger. Distilled Pure Water.

For 10 days it is about $90-$130.  It depends on the time of year and what fruits and vegetables are in season.  The more you exercise on this program the more juice you will need so this will increase your cost and results.  The cost of an exam to be cleared for over 10 days could be free if your insurance covers it up to $175 if you are paying cash.  If you are seriously planning to do more than a 10 day reboot then I emphatically request you have a full work up done. If you are looking to eliminate the list of current medication that you are taking then for 100% certain seek out the guidence of a Primary Care Physician that can monitor this process for you.

Master Cleanse

Grade A Pure Maple Syrup, Lemons, Water, Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt

10 days is around $120.  The Maple Syrup is the most expensive material running $18-$24 a bottle.  You use about 2.5 bottles in 10 days.  The more you exercise on this then the more you will need to consume and this will increase your cost.

Complete Lifestyle Change

If you do not change then the cost may be your priceless life.

If you do change then the money you save in prevention of major health catastrophes will far out weigh any up front costs.


If you want all of these results to be permanent then the second phase to all of this is lifestyle modification.  If you get the results you want from any of these programs and just go back to your previous lifestyle then you will put back on all the weight in a few months and have a hard time  looking at yourself in the mirror again.  This is a vicious cycle that should probably end.   Hopefully by following a plan and exercising along with your program you will have developed some new habits that have remained.  Now to get results you do not have to be a gym freak or work out freak.  If you do persistent and consist exercise the results will show.  Brisk walking every day will get you improved results.  Join a gym and take some classes like spin or zumba, yoga or pilates.  Buy a home work out program and just do it.  You don’t have to go crazy because the program is set up for you to succeed whether you exercise or not.  After the program is over is where the real work begins.  Isagenix has product for after the program.  If you like easy and can afford easy then choose this.  The other two require a bit more discipline.  You will have to make better food choices and portion control.  Maybe now that some weight has come off and your are feeling more confident about yourself you seek out a workout system or design one that suites you.  That is what I did and it works for me.  Working out has to be fun or I will not do it.    In closing I hope this has been informative.  I know it is a long article but if you get the results you are looking for then it was worth it.


If you say, “This is going to be hard.”  You are right.  If you say, “I can do this.  This is easy.”  You are right.  You are always right.  Whether you say you can or can not do it.  It is all a head game.  Everyone that I know that said, “Oh I can’t do that.” Tried it and failed.  They believed what they told themselves and were right.  So tell yourself the truth.  Then believe it.  Then do it.  Stop being such a wussy when it comes to your health.   If you need some motivation.  Imagine taking care of your parents in their aging years because they drank and ate like crap their whole life and suffered from debilitating illnesses in their golden years.  Now you are in your prime work all day and then come home every night to care for them.  You should be out enjoying yourself, traveling,  preparing for your retirement years and all the adventures you will be having, but you can’t because you are stuck taking care of sick people.  Now imagine your kids doing this for you.  Not a pretty sight is it.