Found a Product and a System.

I few weeks ago I was introduced to Kyani.  I know you are saying, “No not you Greg!”  Not network marketing!  I have to ask, What is wrong with network marketing?  It’s a business model that requires low start up and has nothing but upside.   Years ago I and two other gentleman started our own baseball training facility.  A traditional brick and mortal business that personally cost me $40,000.  The total opening cost was around $270,000. I worked my ass off because every month I had a $950 per month loan payment.  I made every payment worked long hours and in the end my partners got a wild hair and sold it out from under me.  When ever I start a business I treat it exactly like a business.  I have lost money and made lots more.  The common denominator in every business……ME.  When I saw network marketing for the first time it was Amway and Chris Cooley introduced it to me in Battle Creek, Mi.  Chris cared enough about me to share that company with me.  I went to a presentation and saw this former house painter making over $300,000 a year in Amway.  I told myself is this guy could do it how hard could this be?  But I was a college student with no money and barely enough to afford the start up cost at $139.00.  I never worked it a day, but was a consumer.  In 1994 I joined again and made money only sponsoring one person.  I sold and shared products with people and was able to pay for my products and make about $200.00 a month.  I marketed and advertised in my apartment complex of 1000 people and people needed laundry detergent and soap so they bought it from me.  Kyani is the same.  It is a business that pays people to advertise and sell their products.  You sell products you make money.  You do not sell products you make no money.  Kind of like a McDonalds franchise.  You sell Big Macs and the money rolls in.  If no one comes to your store you do not make anything.  In network marketing I can move products and make money and when the people see that I am making money they ask, “If I do what you do can I make money?”  At that point I can enroll them into the business and I can train them to do what I do and make a little money from their effort.  Just like the McDonalds Corp. makes money by franchising restaurants and makes a little money from all the McDonald’s sales.  Is McDonald’s a pyramid?  No one would ever call McDonald’s a scam or a pyramid, but network marketing is the same model.  So I have no problem joining a network marketing company.  It’s called net-work-marketing instead of not-work-marketing.   There are only a few ways network marketing fails.

  1. The company in under-capitalized and like other businesses that are under-capitalized they run out of money and fail.
  2. The products suck.  They don’t work, taste like crap, or are just inferior to what is in the market place.
  3. The compensation plan sucks.  It does not cause the distributors to get excited and keep working when the going gets tough.
  4. The distributor sucks.  You the distributor suck and get discouraged give up after tell the product story a few times and no one gets excited as they did when they saw the products and the industry.  You are a quitter.  Take no responsibility for your own life and blame your failures on everyone but yourself.

And that is how I feel about network marketing.  I think it is a great industry.  The problem is it is to cheap to start your own home based business.  There is not enough skin in the game to make someone take it serious, but those that do make really good money.  My neighbor once sold Monavie and worked from home only after six months.  She had two kids and another on the way and was killing it because she told everyone what she did and sold lots of product.

So why Kyani?  Simply the products are packaged nice, they are simple, good quality and have a really good compensation plan.  The people that are close to me and in it and working it hard are making money and are excited.  Second reason is the people involved.  I am working with one of the best in the industry personally.  Meaning I go and hand with him and have access to him.  Third is the organization called PathChangers.  A group of like minded individuals that are put on this planet to serve our fellow man.  A group of people that want to make a difference in the lives of others.  I like that kind of stuff.  Plus they have a car bonus program that I can get a new car in two months time.  The level to get this is nothing and if I can get to it in a month I’m a loser. I’m not a loser.