The Little Know Molecule.

I spent three and a half years in chiropractic school and studied nutrition and inflammation.  I really do not remember anyone spending any time in length on the Nitric Oxide molecule.   The scientist that discovered this important molecule and its effects on the human body have gone on to be instrumental in the formation of new compounds and medicines, discover its healing effects on the body and even gone on to win the Noble Prize for Science.  This is Dr. Clair Francomano of Johns Hopkins University talking about Nitric Oxide and its effects on the body.  More importantly she breaks down the Kyani Nitro Extreme product and why it is effective.

Click HERE for Dr Francomano

On a personal note I have been taking the Nitro Effects for about 36 days now.  My workouts have improved immensely and the intensity has increased.  My weight has dropped and I feel like I’m getting a better pump. Combined with the better sleep with the Sunset Product and 20 plus servings of fruits and vegetables with the Sunrise product I have been able to keep from falling ill from the flu that has been going around with all my patients.  Enjoy the video and keep on learning about your health.