I had great time and learned a ton of new and amazing stuff.  I also had a chance to pay it forward and bring a friend for free.  It wasn’t really free for him.  He bought me lunch two times.  It is often that I meet six figure income earners.  I tend to attract these people into my space. I do love asking questions and watching how they interact with others.  Matt Lloyd is a pretty amazing individual.  He was a very young 21 with little experience in the internet marketing industry.  He made many mistakes, but he did what all people that rise to the top do. He learned from his failures and asked questions.  Eventually because he didn’t quite he finally started to get good at what he was doing and eventually figured out how to make money online.  Then he started teaching others.  Today My Online Business Empire has turned to My Online Business Education to finally My Own Business Education.  Matt Has surrounded himself with the right people too. This is something leaders do so their organizations can grow.  I also met John Chow one of the most popular internet bloggers in the world.  Another rages to riches story.  There were a few at the summit. In the end the high end coaching packages and high end products priced me out of the running.   Would I ever use this type of high end coaching?  You bet your  butt I would.  Timing is also important and right now my priorities are in my practice and myself.  I’ll keep you posted on this.

MOBE Summit

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