Recently I have had the experience of reading over two case studies about Fibromyalgia and Hashimotos disease.  In both case the individuals had never had any health issues in their lives.  One was in an auto accident two years ago and their health slowly began to deteriorate.  The radio graphs missed a fracture of the sternum and showed loss of disc space in the lower cervical spine with a reversed curve.  She did not seek chiropractic care after the accident. So the subluxations of her spine were never addressed.  The second was convinced that the spine was degenerating and that surgery was needed.  Sixteen plus thousand dollars later the symptoms have returned.  This time more painful than before.  diagnosis like Fibromyalgia and Hashimotos disease have been suggested.  My strong belief is that this is really a dysfunctional nervous system related to the trauma to the spine and nerves.  The auto accident has clear trauma that has not been addressed properly.  The patient was even told to avoid chiropractic.  Now both of these athletic healthy people with no real history of disease now just randomly fall apart physically.  Fibromyalgia is sometimes a diagnosis for a person that has fatigue, multiple trigger points with chronic pain.  No abnormal labs or radio graphs and clear blood work leave the medics stumped on a cause so they just label it Fibromyalgia.  The systems of the body are inflammed and inflammation causes pain.  Inflammation may also be caused by the nerves not communicating properly with the brain and the brain to the body.  Untreated subluxations are one of the key causes of degeneration and disease.  That is why regular chiropractic treatments are the key to a successful recover from trauma. Now there is not a lot of hard research evidence published on this because there are so many different styles of chiropractic and controlling a study would be complicated.  On the other hand there are many case studies that document how people that have been treated on a regular basis have improved and the degeneration of the spine has stopped.  Proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes also play a very important roll in the healing process. I can honestly say chiropractic is the way the truth and the light, but it is a major part of the equation.

Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, and other auto immune diseases.

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