The other day a new patient calls and canceled all hit future appointments.  It was the day after I did his report of findings and I guess he thought I was Jesus and would lay my hands on him one time and he would get up and walk out two stepping.  I’ve removed the name and cut down the X-Ray’s size to not violate any privacy laws.  When I called him to see how he was doing he told me he didn’t appreciate my scare tactics.  I was a little taken back, but then the thought came to me, “I was trying to scare you!”  Your condition is serious and if you start doing something.  So he quit.

The public and consumer has been brainwashed by the media and medics.  Brainwashed to the point when people that are feeling poorly they go to the doctor or urgent care and get some pills and go home.  If it’s more serious see a back surgeon and have a one time expensive surgery and everything is all better faster.  Right, if it was only the simple.  So when people come walk into the clinic they say, “Just crack me and I’ll be on my way.”   The chiropractic treatment has been cheapened to that of an auto mechanic.  Drive in and I’ll give your front end a reelignment.  When I inform them that it has taken years for their body to get into this degenerative state and its going to take months of treatments to get out of pain and start correcting their structural issue they look a me like I’m crazy.  After a car accident they will go if for physical therapy for weeks and month and not bat an eye. Mainly because insurance will cover up to 90 visits where some insurance doesn’t have a chiropractic benefit and others may allow 12 to 30 visits.   So instead of getting treatments and coming out of pocket they chose the less expensive (at the moment) medical model and just get on the anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Oh by the way this works for a while.  Then the body adjusts to the pain killers and they take more and more and nothing works anymore.  The body from the anti inflams has shut down the natural healing process and their degeneration accelerates.  Finally not being able to stand the pain anymore they come back to me and say, “Help me, you are my last hope.”  To late, most of their structural damage is beyond repair.   They had the option months and even years ago to allow me to put their body back into its natural healing state but chose not to.  I wish I was Jesus but I’m not.  It breaks my heart to see this.  So I guess I must scare you into taking your health as serious as a heart attack.  I wish this was not the case.

Sometimes you have to scare them.

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