Over the years as a hitting coach I have heard many times of young players hurting their arms and they believe it is from over throwing or with bad mechanics.  What if after a close evaluation of their throwing mechanics I come to the conclusion that they actually have good mechanics?  Is it really mechanics?  What if it is actually their hitting mechanics?  Just break it down logically.  A baseball  a mere 5.25 ounces in weight, while a youth baseball bat weighs 19 to 28 ounces.  When looking at a swing there is the same kind of stretch in the medial side of the top hand on a swing as the overhand throwing motion of a baseball.  The only difference is there is up to 5 times the weight dragging on that elbow.  This is an interesting scenario that people rarely consider.  I started considering it when students with poor hitting mechanics were taught proper ones by me and time after time their elbow problems went away miraculously.  Things started to fall into place in my diagnosis of arm problems.  It really is a combination of the two.  If the player has arm problems and bad swing mechanics then the problem is magnified. The hitter stops throwing and substitutes throwing for extra hitting while their arm is supposed to be healing not recognizing that the hitting may be the contributing factor.  They keep hitting and hitting and the arm problems never go away.  That player eventually quits and we no longer hear from them again.  I on the other hand have had many students with  arm problems come and hit with me and after doing a video analysis I see that they are out of sequence and starting their swing with their arms first and then turning their hips last.  After showing them this and a new sequence their swing becomes more efficient and this takes strain off the arm.  In a short time they are throwing again without pain and have no clue why.  Do  you know who else gets medial epicondylitis?  Golfers do. Hours and hours of downward swinging and then their elbow starts hurting.  So next time your young player develops arm problems look at the whole picture not just a part of it.  Thanks for stopping by

Arm Problems? May not be related to throwing.

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