The more and more I study the body the more I feel deep down inside that it is a mathematical improbability that the human body was at one point a single celled organism that eventually crawled from the sludge and started walking on land.  Just look at the complexity of the human heart with all its moving parts, valves, chambers and the precision electical activity surrounding it to make it all work.   The lumbar disc is another.  Of course I had to throw some reference to the back. It’s what I do, I’m a chiropractor.  It’s comprised of two parts.  The inner nucleus pulposus which is a fluid filled area that provide a shock absorbing function for compressive loads. The other part is the annulus fibrosis,  a successive layer of rings that have 60 to 70 degree angles that alternate in directions from layer to layer and provide a strong resistance to rotational forces.   Seriously how would something like this evolve without intent?   If you like this article then follow me here.  Thanks for stopping by.

Intelligent Design.  

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