Sometimes I just write.

I wear many hats. Sometimes I wear too many hats and I know it.  I am a father, a son, a doctor, a ball player, friend, lover, entrepreneur, christain, mentor, coach, and a little kid at heart.  No wonder I have ADHD and have a hard time keeping things straight.  Last night I had to be doctor son.  My mom has been fighting an infection for a few days and I have been on her about getting into see her doctor to see what needs to be done.  She is a retired nurse so she thinks she knows what to do but, really she is just stubborn and feels like a burden to others when she needs help.  I respect her for her pride and stubborness.  I have inherited some of it from her. There is the doctor side of me that is like, “Have you been eating and drinking enough? Let me take you temp.  Let’s get you up and moving.  Have you taken your meds?  What Meds have you taken?  When is your appointment to see your Doctor?”   The son in me says, “Don’t worry mom I’ll take care of you.  Do you need anything?  Here eat this.  I’ll clean the kitchen and take care of the cats so just rest.”  One side of me is calm and collected and the other is freaking out.

I awoke this morning to find her not in bed and I took this as a good sign.  She had somehow managed to get to the bathroom and I thought that she must be feeling better.  Then after asking her if she was all right she said, “Yes.”  She was lying.  She was barely functioning mentally.  When I went to check on her she looked like a dazed and confused crazy person.   Later I found out she may have been sitting on the toilet since about 2:30am, I found her at 6:00am.  She had sores that looked like the shape of the toilet seat on the back of her legs and butt.  She actually thought today was Monday when we got her to the hospital.  So I help her get to her chair that she sometimes uses to get around in and get her back to her bed.  I inform her that she is going to the hospital today and there is nothing she can do about it but go.  She convinces me that she will go but need to lay down for a minute.  Getting her back into bed just about kills her. She is gasping and out of breath.  At that moment I have to drop the son roll.  At that moment I knew her little infection had spread to her lungs and my worst nightmare was happening.  I knew she had fluid in her lungs and pneumonia was my concern.  It is very common amoung the elderly when they get sick because they are not as strong and stay in bed too long.  This has been exactly what she has been doing for the last four days.  I called 911 and if I hadn’t I feel she might have gone into septic shock.  When her paramedics  arrived her temperture was 103, she was severely dehydrated, had  been coughing up green sputum (lung boogers) and was unable to focus very well.  All in all she kept her humor, she wanted to take a shower and do her hair.  She joked with the paramedics.  For once in my life I wasn’t in the joking mood.  Before the paramedics got there I gave her a big hug and just started to cry.  This is my mother.  She one of my best friends too.  We take care of each other.  I moved back in with her after I finished school because I didn’t have a job or a place to live and she knew it.  She’s my momma, of course her door has always been open to me.  She was the one who rushed me to the hospital when I broke my leg.  She put band-aids on all my scrapes and bruises was my biggest fan with all my sports and held my hand through my divorce.  We laugh a lot and she is always showing me some funny cat video or red neck fails.  Some nights when I come home she has dinner ready and we enjoy each others company.  I do the heavy lifting and she’s on facebook  to much.  I rush home from work on Tuesday nights so we can watch Oak Island together. She drives me nuts and I do the same to her. I’m not ready to loose her.  Please my friends and followers keep her in your prayers.