And So It Begins……

I’m sure I am not the only newly graduate from Chiropractic College that is thinking to themselves “Now What?”  I’m still five to six months from actually being licensed to practice but I really need to work now. No more loan money to sustain me.  It’s all up to me now.  I laugh at this then reality sets in…. I continue to laugh.  In all reality it has always been up to me.  I got into school, got through all the courses, and now the end goal is here.  I am officially Dr. Gregory Shepard DC.   I still haven’t a clue where I am going to practice and I’m really not worried about it.  In this very moment I am following the path that I have been meditating on for the last few years.  And it’s really funny how it always comes together for me at the perfect time.  Dr. Knox shows me a new soft tissue tool, gives me a code so I can market it, I am not working because my internship is over, yet I go in and have a divine intervention and cross paths with an old friend from 18 years ago and her husband and I know each other.  He owns a baseball training facility. Being open to possibilities is a key.  Always asking yourself “why?”  Why would someone call and ask if I could come in?  I don’t even work there!  I really think that being present is a huge key.  When I say present I mean that I am there, paying attention, and listening to what is being said.  This is present.  Not just being in the same room with my body.  Not the same kind of present, that is more like auto pilot.  I have plenty of those moments too.   Not having a plan is really a plan to fail, so I have written out things like what and where I would like to set down roots.  Originally it was back in Henderson, NV. Then I thought maybe San Jose, but no really clear vision of that ever came.  Southern California?  Yes, I did see a place I thought an office would be nice.  Then my original vision too take over a practice in Henderson, the exact practice I wanted, dropped in front of me.  So can you see that I have been thinking about what I am wanting?  There is also a lot of emotion attached to this practice, especially lately because of my mom and her proximity to this location.   I do want to personally that all my friends and family that supported my by donating to my scholarship fund, paid some of my fees, fed me,  clothed me, and  anything else that was provided to me.  Clayton, Amy, Nina, Beth, Lisa, Bernabe, Kyle, my Mom, my Classmates from 133 and 134, and the staff at Palmer especially Nora, Brenda, and Eliana.  I would also like to thank West Coast Umpires Association as well as Nor-Cal Tournament Baseball for allowing me to make some money to help out with school expenses.  Max Lippman and Jeff Duerson with Bay Area Caterers for always calling me at the right time to work events.   

 Now reality is setting in.  Time to go create my future.  The amazing one I have been dreaming about for the last three and a half years.  Keep following me because it is going to be another fun ride.  Namaste

Must read for future doctors and high performing individuals.

Anatomy Trains by Thomas W Myers.

Anatomy Trains by Thomas W Myers.

I have had this book for almost three years now.  A graduating student from Palmer West was getting rid of some books and other things and said. “This is a great book.  You should read it.”  So he gave it to me.

The interesting thing is the way the body is designed and sometimes it seems over engineered. In reality it is perfect.  When patients have non resolving problems I pick up this book and look at what is connected to this area of complaint.  I check the frontal, lateral and posterior trains that connect and start looking at the body like an electrical construction blue print.  I palpate and touch and find areas of tenderness and pain that the patient has never even known about.  Sometime when I press a spot not even close to where their complaint is they jump off the table and say, “That it!  I can feel that in my low back or neck or hip.”  Then I do some releasing therapy like Gavilan,  GART (Greg’s Active Release Technique) or use a roller over the area to break up myofacial tissue adhesions and finally adjust them.  I have noticed that the adjustments are easier to perform when the muscles and tissues are relaxed.  A low back in spasm is very difficult and sometimes painful to adjust.   Learn these trains and experiment with your body.  It is very rewarding.

Oxygen and Cancer relationship.

Those that know me and have talked with me know that I have a little obsession with the immune system and auto immune diseases.  Being that I have one in remission right now or I would like to think I have removed it from my body.  I have an adopted family that included a doctor who specialized in auto immune diseases and God rest his soul has cured AIDS patients.  Yes I said the cure word which may get me in some hot water but he has passed and nothing can be taken from him anymore, like they did his medical license for ten years.  This person and I had many conversations about nutrition and the healing effects it has on the body.   So let’s talk about oxygen.  All of the cells of the body need it to function and reproduce.  This is why is so important for the lungs to be working properly.  Bringing in fresh oxygen and expelling the toxins of the body such as carbon dioxide among other things.  If you decrease the amount of oxygen by 36% then something tragic starts to happen.  The blood stream and tissues become acidic and cancer cells that were once non-responsive become e rampant and start to reproduce in this environment.  You could say that they thrive here.  Increase the Oxygen levels and the cancer cells die off.  So why is medicine not oxygenating the body instead of radiating and using chemotherapy?  I believe it’s a money issue.  It’s much more profitable to do the radiation and chemo drugs then to lifestyle change or consume things that increase blood oxygen levels.  Anyways there is no money in healthy people.  I mean I’m going to be a chiropractor.  What good would it be for me to have everyone I know healthy?  Well for me it would be good because people will refer lots of people to me to be healthy.   I will make thousands of dollars over many people’s lifetimes while the cancer doctors will make more with fewer patients.  They will die off and that’s the end for them so they will have to go out and find more and more people to potential kill.  An oncologist once told me, “There is no magic pill for cancer.”  He’s right, so why not just wipe out the entire immune system and hope that works.  A simple solution is just raise your oxygen levels.  So how do you do that?  Electromagnetic field therapy, reduce stress, stop drinking soda, reduce meat consumption, drink water (lots of it) and eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.  Consume foods that are anti inflammatory.  Consume turmeric,  cayenne pepper, and other spices along with fresh pineapple for bromalin.  Be more conscious about what you put in your mouth.  Lastly to reduce stress which will decrease cortisol and inflammation.  Turn down that sympathetic nervous system with regular chiropractic adjustments that have proven to decrease the activity of type four mechanoreceptors and put the body back into a parasympathetic state.  So if you want to put yourself on the top of the list for heart disease, stroke, and cancer then eat like crap, drink all the soda and highly acidic beverages you can, refuse to exercise, and allow your body to become acidic.  The stress will come first and most likely according to my oncologist friend…….cancer will be right around the corner.

Hello world!

Hello my name is Greg Shepard and I am a former professional baseball player and hitting instructor that has recently graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic College. I have had some amazing experiences with the chiropractic profession.  These experiences fueled my passion to go back to school at 41 years of age and fulfill a dream I once shelved of becoming a doctor.  Today at 44 years young I am in the best shape of my life, healthy and strong all due to the information I have learned in school and applied to my life.  These are my stories.